BikeRadar Tech Talk Podcast Ep 4: Linkage forks

Telescopic forks dominate the market, but linkage forks, with their unique looks and potentially game-changing performance, are now appearing on the market

Mountain bike technology is moving at a staggering pace. This is what we think the bike of the future could look like

If you’ve got a suspension fork on your mountain bike it’s most likely to be a telescopic fork, whereby the stanchions slide in and out of your fork’s lowers. However, the past year or so has seen a number of linkage forks come on to the market.

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In this episode of BikeRadar‘s Tech Talk Podcast, our suspension expert Seb Stott talks with technical editor Tom Marvin about such forks. Why do they exist? What are their advantages? And what performance characteristics do they have?

The links you need

Trust Performance Message multi-link suspension fork
The Trust Message is perhaps the best known, current, linkage fork available.
Ben Duke

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Structure Cycle Works SCW1 enduro mountain bike
Structure’s SCW1 has a fully-integrated linkage suspension system up front.
Alex Evans

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