BikeRadar Podcast Ep 7 | Road tubeless — the what, why and how

Road tubeless is officially 'a thing' now, with new airtight rubber from nearly all the big players. But what's it all about?

Cut-away of tubeless road tyre

Most mountain bikers have been using tubless tyres for over a decade — and with fewer punctures, more speed and more grip, they offer many advantages.


So why has it taken their skinny tyre’d roadie brethren so long to ditch the tubes? In this episode, Tom, Matthew and Jack discuss what’s happening in the world of road tubeless tyres.

This all follows a number of recent tyre releases from big tyre brands including Schwalbe, Continental and Specialized. Jack and Matthew have also recently been exploring the state of the tyre market and trying out the (relatively) new technology with mixed results.

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Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless Easy tyre
Schwalbe will imminently cease production of its tubular tyres.
Irmo Keizer

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