BikeRadar Tech Talk Podcast Ep 8: Does weight really matter?

Is striving for the lightest possible bike really worthwhile? Find out in our latest Tech Talk podcast

Shimano XTR and SRAM Eagle AXS derailleur

Look at any review and you’ll see, in a fairly prominent position, the weight of the bike or component – but does weight really matter?


BikeRadar’s tech-head Seb has done the maths, and reckons we might be making a mountain out of a molehill…

Light bikes often feel great on the trail, and up climbs, but there’s far more to how the bike rides than just its weight: rolling resistance, for example, plays a massive part.

Also, it turns out weight isn’t always a bad thing, and this comes down to the unsprung to sprung ratio of the bike and rider’s weight. Listen in to find out more.

We insisted on weighing the bike for ourselves
We always weigh our test bikes, but how much does it matter?
Tom Marvin / Immediate Media

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Previous BikeRadar Tech Talk Podcast episodes